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Jul 27, 2022 at 04:16 PM

Is it possible to have several Launchpads in one FIORI Frontend system?


Dear FIORI experts,

We are using FIORI 2.0 for HR-ESS funtionalities .

Now we have to provide some tiles from other modules (SRM) too. But we dont want to add the new tiles to the existing launchpad. We need a seperation of HR- and SRM-Tiles by using different launchpad-Links.

Is there a way to configure additional launchpad-links providing access to the new tiles?

For example can I make a Client-Copy and create a virtual-host in the new client and configure a new launchpad link as external alias from there (offering the Roles/groups onbly from the new client)? Does SAP support this way for productive systems too?

Thanks and best Regards