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Jul 26 at 09:13 PM

How to consolidate multiple dependent requirements into a single purchase requisition during MRP run


Dear MRP gurus,

We recently began using MRP to generate purchase requisitions for raw materials based on dependent requirements culminating from demand for the higher level finished goods. We're defining MRP type 'PD' and lot size key 'EX' for the raw materials.

Some of our raw materials have very long lead times (6 months). So, when we have multiple dependent requirements with dates that occur prior to the raw material lead time, multiple purchase requisitions are generated with the same delivery date (based on the lead time), which each p.req qty matching the dependent reqt qty.

We would prefer to only get one purchase requisition that will cover all of the dependent requirements up to the raw material lead time date.

Can we accomplish this with the standard MRP settings and config? And if so, what do we need to do differently?

Or, is there a way to convert the multiple purchase requisitions into a single PO line item without having multiple schedule lines, so the line item qty sums up to the individual qty of the multiple requisitions?

Thanks in advance!