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Feb 22, 2017 at 05:07 PM

SAP BO IDT ODBC connection to RedShift issue


Hi, everyone.

I have an issue with standard Amazon Simba RedShift connection - calculated fields in universe do not work properly. For example I can't use convertation from String to Interger, from Integer to String. During data extraction I have error messages because of these fields.

I thought it's because of old driver and downloaded newer driver from Amazon site. I created Data Source (ODBC 32 and 64) and used it in Generic ODBC connection. This driver solved issue with calculation fields, but I received new issue - date/timestamp fields doesn't work. With this new connection I always receive NULL instead of date/timestamp values (in IDT fields marked as UNSUPPORTED)

I thought it's because of different connection parameters. So my next step was to edit odbc.sbo file to set the same connection parameters as in amazon.sbo. The difference was in:

<Parameter Name="Qualifiers Available">Yes</Parameter>

<Parameter Name="Owners Available">Yes</Parameter>

<Parameter Name="Array Bind Available">False</Parameter>

Also in original odbc.sbo:

<Library Platform="MSWindows">dbd_wodbc</Library>

<Library Platform="MSWindows">dbd_odbc</Library>

In amazon.sbo:

<Library Platform="MSWindows">dbd_wodbc3</Library>

<Library Platform="MSWindows">dbd_odbc3</Library>

After my changes in odbc.sbo new connection don't have an issues with date/timestamp (locally). But at the same time connection became unsupported for multisource data foundataion. Just because of dbd_wodbc3, dbd_odbc3. This libraries exist on local machine and on server.

I don't have any idea where the error.