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Jul 25 at 07:01 PM

Customer Forecasting exceeding Take Rate


We are frequently having issues with customers forecasting higher demand than their actual take rates.

In the example below, monthly take rates are ~2000 pieces, but in October, they are forecasting over twice this demand. We are planning through it in MF50, but at the end of the time fence, it is compensating for the difference.


Our goal is to move to demand planning (from strictly using production planning tables) where we forecast what our statistical requirements will be. The issue with this scenario is when the customer forecast - via EDI - is higher than the demand plan, it will drive requirements for too much material to our supply base.

Does anyone have any experience with options to make the customer forecast after a certain number of days non-mrp relevant so that the demand plan is all that shows for planning purposes? For instance, we would want to demand plan from week 12 to 52+ - anything under 12 weeks would just be the customer's actual demand/forecast they are transmitting.


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