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Jul 26, 2022 at 05:54 PM

Rejection code 134 when changing subnetwork ID


Hi all,

Please, recommend a way to address the error in subj.

I am working with a copy of PA UNIPA in IBP Starter where everything works well and trying to separate a subnetwork from the entire supply chain. For this I did quite little:

1. Entered a new ID SPA_1 in MD Subnetwork

2. Changed attribute SubnetworkID in Location Product from SPA to SPA_1

At step 2 I got stuck, bacause my changes were rejected with rejection code 134 "Can't find unique value for attribute "PLUNITID" using root "LOCID" at PL WKRESLOCSRCALTRES in MD S01LOCATIONPRODUCT."

Looking into this PL I see the LocationProduct is a non-root attribute (see below), so ambigous values must be acceptable. Why it tells me about LOCID only when LOCATIONPRODUCT has to root attributes? What did I do wrong and how to manage this?

Thanks for sharing your knowledge.



image.png (116.4 kB)