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Jul 26, 2022 at 08:47 AM

BW admp transformation issue: certain record sequence are disordered

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Dear BW experts:

I faced an issue in one amdp transformation. When executing delta loading, some record sequence are disordered.

The involved amdp tr has an end routine, which is quite simple, inner joins two tablesimage.png

to be specific, the delta data in source ADSO changelog table are below:


as it shows, the latest correct status is 04,

however, when executing delta loading with amdp TR, some record sequence is disordered, like below data framed by red, the 01 state goes to the last record, which leads to an error status after activating data



it's quite odd that only certain records have this issue, not all the records. I tried to change the package size and set the dtp extraction group, but neither of them works.

Any ideas on how to avoid this issue?

Thanks in advance


image.png (28.4 kB)
image.png (126.9 kB)
image.png (199.2 kB)
image.png (66.6 kB)