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Jul 23 at 04:41 AM

Actual Activity Entered in KBK6 not considered while posting in KB21N


Hi All,

I have created the below scenario

Cost Center - Direct Labor - 1TUK1ULB01

Activity - Labor Hours - ZABL02

I have entered the plan qty, plan fixed and variable price per hour in KP26.

Fixed Price - 20/Hr

Variable Price - 30/Hrkp26-details.jpgimage.png

Plan Qty - 2000 Hrs (annual)

I have entered the actual quantity as per the below in KBK6

Fixed Price - 18/Hr

Variable Price - 20/Hr

After entering the actual quantity in KB21N, the system still picks only the plan rate of 50/Hr and not the actual rate of 46/Hr.

Attached are the details of the settings done. Could you please help out the issue.


activity-type.jpg (105.0 kB)
kb23n-document.jpg (132.1 kB)
kbk6-details.jpg (65.0 kB)
kp26-details.jpg (71.2 kB)
image.png (6.5 kB)