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SAP R/3 HW migration steps

Dear all,

We are purchasing new servers for our SAP R/3 environment, because current one's are almost five years old.

SAP R/3 4.6C on Oracle on HP-UX 11.00

I was wondering about this procedure for SAP application and DB copy to the new server.

What do you think about the following steps on the new server:

1. HP-UX 11i v2 installed,

2. File systems for /oracle/SID...., /usr/sap/SID..., /sapmnt/SID... created.

3. users sidadm and orasid environment variables - copy the same from the source

4. Install Oracle 9.2.0 with the patchset like the source databases,

5. /etc/passwd, /etc/services, /etc/group copy the corresponding lines from this files

6. rcp from current server to the new one the file systems:

a. /oracle/SID

b. /oracle/SID/sapdata*

c. /oracle/SID/mirrlog*

d. /oracle/SID/orriglog*

e. /oracle/SID/sapreorg

f. /oracle/SID/saparch

g. /usr/sap/SID

h. /sapmnt/SID

7. Change hostname on the SAP profiles, sidadm profile files, .profile, .login, .dbenv, .sapenv , orasid user profile files .dbenv_<host>.sh and .dbenv_<host>.csh in the home directory of ora<dbsid>.

8. /home/sidadm startsap_... stopsap_... scripts change the hostname for the new server

9. listener.ora and tnsnames.ora change

10. SAP license installation of temporary license, until the successful migration

Can I do the SAP system copy from one server to another like the above procedure?

Thank you all.

Many regards,


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4 Answers

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    May 18, 2006 at 12:43 PM


    Yes it works fine with this manual steps.

    Understand that source OS & Target OS is same ,I mean base release still remains HP UX 11

    Some more steps required would be

    -Create links within /sapmnt/SID folder

    - File & group permissisons correct for sap & oracle related filesystems.

    Once SAP is and up running then you need to carry out general steps for post copy .(refer SAP standard system copy guide)

    If the SID changes then there are more steps



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    • Former Member Former Member


      In the system copy guide you would find a list of post copy steps like

      - SE06 run

      - Import profiles

      - Op mode confuguraiton

      - Change jobs in SM37 target server

      - Clear of db tables like SDBA*,MONI,

      - TU02 - delete old server data

      - SM59 - reconfigure change

      - STMS - reconfigure - You would only need to re-attach the instance again to the Domain controller if the DC is other than this instance.

      You would need to configure the DC again if this system is the DC which would involve recreating of Transport routes.


      Ravinder singh

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    Jun 07, 2006 at 02:46 PM


    In addition to the manual steps you performed, make sure to change the hostname/IP address if they are different from the old one, wherever they are defined. For instance in SM59, SM55, tnsnames.ora. Also you need new SAP license since the hardware key will be changed.

    You can do the server system copy. We have done it several times and it does work.



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    • Former Member Former Member

      for system copy , build your target system just like source system.I mean create all directories just like your source system.Copy enviornment variable files, profiles , exe directory etc to target system and edit these files accordingly( change the SID or instance # etc). then take a backup of source system and restore it to the target. run r3copy in source system and copy the files like CONTRL.SQL and init<sid>.ora to the target system. after the restoration run r3copy in target system. after this do the post system copy steps like chaneging the logical system name ( BDLS ) , run SE06 and add the system in the transport doman etc


      Prince Jose

  • May 18, 2006 at 12:35 PM


    Did you check for this?


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    • Former Member


      Yes I did, I read all documentation for homogenous system copy with R3COPY, but I was wondering if I could do it without using this procedure.


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    Oct 06, 2006 at 02:07 PM

    Dear all,

    I have finished test configuration and migration of our three system landscape on new HW.

    We plan real production migration the next weekend.

    I have only one question regarding the TMS configuration.

    PLS can anyone sent me steps for reconfiguration of transport landscape because all systems have changed the IP and host names. PROD on one host and IP, DEV and QTS on other host and IP.

    Transport domain is PRD, on host sap1_new

    DEV and QTS are on host sap2_new where the transport dir /usr/sap/trans exist.

    1. SE06 (client 000) on DEV and QTS to clear the transport configuration.

    2. What should I do on the PROD?

    3. Should I change the files in /usr/sap/trans/bin?

    4. What other steps need to perform to complete the TMS configuration for the domain controler and the other systems in the transport landscape?

    THANK YOU in advance,

    Many regards,


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    • Former Member

      Dear all,

      Can You PLS look at my planned steps for TMS reconfiguration?

      Is this ok?

      For QTS and DEV.

      1. Logon to the target system as user " SAP* " in client 000.

      - Run transaction SE06 and select the radio button "Database Copy" and

      click on the "execute" pushbutton.

      - source system of database copy = (the same SID)

      - Answer "yes" to everything

      - Change all objects from <sid> to <sid>

      Ans "yes" for "Delete TMS configuration" & "Delete TMS transport route


      Should I delete (with SE06) the TMS configuration for PRD also (the transport domain)?

      2. STMS from DEV and QTS and delete all systems.

      3. STMS from PROD (client 000) if I was deleted the TMS config now I should create three system landscape with Prod QTS Development and create the transport routes manualy

      • I have saved the transport route config

      4. From DEV and QTS client 000, STMS -> other config -> Include system in domain

      5. From PROD STMS->Overview systems -> select DEV -> SAP System -> Approve

      and also select QTS -> SAP System -> Approve

      6. Should I delete the RFC connections

      TMSADM@DEV.DOMAIN_PROD TMSADM@QTS.DOMAIN_PROD before deleting the TMS config in PROD?

      THANK YOU in advace again

      Regards to all,