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Jul 18, 2022 at 02:27 AM

Inquiry about Reasons for Payment Differences

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Dear Experts,

SAP Supports responded that this issue should be addressed to the implementation partner.

Here is the SAP answer: "For this issue you need to contact your implementation partner.
Incident creation is for technical issue or a malfunction of a functionality encounter when using the system. For explanation please post your request on our Community page:"

So I ask the question again.

[Other Discounts/Credits] occurred using the [Payment Difference Reason] function when paying receivables for customer invoice.


* Business Configuration > Overview > Reasons for Payment Differences
* Grouping for Payment Difference: 5 - Under and Overpayment
* Payment Difference Reason: 1 - Agreed settlement


I'm totally understanding the configuration of [Payment Difference Reason]

1. The groups define to which accounts payment differences are posted.
2. Business Configuration > Account Determination 'AR - Account Receivables' > Payment Difference Tab
3. Underpayment: 9300009 - Other differences (Differ)

Define to G/L Account: 9300009 - Other differences (Differ) is specified in the Underpayment field value.


I understand that the G/L account was used due to the SAP ByDesign setup process.

The question is, why does this difference amount appear in the COGS field value on Profit Overview by Key Figure Report?

Currently the 9300009 - Other differences (Differ) Functional Area is mapped to [Z200 - Cost of goods sold, COGS].


Because of this setting, Is it calculated amount and displayed in the COGS when viewing the report [Profit Overview by Key Figure]?


When transaction occurred in AR, Is it correct that the [Payment Difference Reason] due to Underpayment is displayed in the COGS?

Is it implemented to appear in COGS? or Is there a special reason?

I don't understand why the discounted amount appears in the COGS.

I'll send you an attachment for your reference.

Please check.


Pureun Kim.