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Jul 15, 2022 at 06:00 AM

RAP Dynamic Feature Control - Custom Action enabled/disabled depending on app mode (display/edit)


Hi all,

I am trying to enable/disable my custom action via dynamic feature control depending on the "state" of the application.

If the application is in edit mode the custom action should be enabled, if it is in display mode it should be disabled.

I use the dynamic feature control because there is some other context information which influence the custom action.

How do I get the application state (edit/display) in the get_instance_features method? I thought the requested_features-&update would indicate the state, but after a few tests it is probably not. When in display mode and I click on the EDIT button the get_instance_feature method is called twice. In the first time the %Update is 00 and the second time it is 01.

And if I click Return to Draft both times it is 00.

Any ideas on that?

Thanks Florian