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Jul 15, 2022 at 02:58 AM

Convert Balance in local currency to Document currency



We have created a G/L and checked the box balance in LC, the transaction posted in LC, now during mid-month they changed currency from USD (LC) to CAD and removed the check Balance in LC.

Before changing the master, data there are some documents posted with LC (USD) and Document currency Different (CAD).

Now when they run FAGLGB03 and FAGLL03 and display the balance in CAD, amounts are not matching because before conversion some documents were posted in CAD as DC and when we drill down in FAGLGB03 these documents are not shown but these documents are shown in FAGLl03.

Is there a way to convert the amount in FAGLFEXT on teh line posted before changing master data as TSL in Transaction currency and HSL in Document currency because right now both the amounts in TSL and HSL is same?