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Jul 17, 2022 at 09:10 PM

Regarding variance score field in supplier evaluation based on quality inspection lots


Hi experts,

In S4 hana we have the supplier evaluation apps based on quality inspection lot. In the output of the app we have a field called variance score, as per my understanding this field shows the same value as quality score performed in usage decision of inspection lot.

My question is in supplier evaluation SPRO Configuration - > purchasing > supplier evaluation > supplier evaluation by purchasing category > Determine criterion score> I had maintained the criteion as Inspection lot and Quality notification with variance % and variance score.

Post performing Usage decision when I check the app for supplier evaluation based on inspection lot I could see the variance score is calculated as sum of quality score / number of inspection lots. Where as in transaction ME63 the score for inspection lot is different. Can I know if there is any difference between the supplier evaluation between ME63 and Fiori apps or is there any other app which has to be executed to reflect this data?

Also in supplier evaluation based on quality notification there is a field for quality score of notification but the value is 0 by default.

I request for your feedback even though this is a standard question