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Jul 15, 2022 at 12:55 PM

Demand drop at FG by dicrete optimizer due to rounding value mismatch in the components.


Dear Experts

I am facing an issue while running TS optimizer with discrete constraints and profit maximization mode.For a particular FG the demand is partially fulfilled. After running the optimizer with explaination mode, what is get is the following.

Issue: Independent demand can't be fully satisfied (Requested amount: 237704.000000, Fulfilled amount: 105000.000000, Explained amount: 132704.000000)

Reason: Required transport of 109289.973257 doesn't match the rounding value of 500.000000.

The above transport is for a component that is coming from a vendor to the plant and we have a tranport rounding value of 500 maintained in location source.

This is just one example component. The FG has approx 70 components the optimizer is giving the same reason for all this components.

Where things get interesting is, all this components are also used in other FGs as well, where optimizer is respecting the rounding values both at production header and location source level.

If anyone have come acrosss this issue or anything similar to these please feel free to share.