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Jul 15, 2022 at 05:22 AM

SAP CAP Application - Using on premise HANA DB instead of HANA Cloud


I developed a CAP application with some CDS files and services. Then built it and deployed to Cloud Foundry in BTP , using HANA Cloud from the same space. Question is,

1.Can I do the same BTP CF deployment , using an on premise HANA Database ? Meaning , the deployment creates the backend artifacts ( hdbtable, views etc ) in an on premise database.

2 . A customer uses a CAP based app in BTP , with custom authentication and uses no BTP specific services. DB is HANA Cloud . Say after 3 years of engagement, he wants to move away from BTP and move his solution completely to AWS/GCP/AZURE . Must he still keep his HANA Cloud account with BTP ?