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Jul 15, 2022 at 02:05 PM

SAP ASE licensing and Cockpit


Hi, ALL,

I recently updated my Linux box and because my old install wasnt able to run, I tried to reinstall (I had 16.03 version).

Unfortunately the install was crashing all the time on NULL pointer.

So I decided to get the next version - 16.04.

When I ran the installer it gave me only 2 options: Licensed (paid) and Evaluation 90-days (free). With my old version I had an additional license - For developers, which is also free.

Is this license dropped completely? Is it not currently possible to keep the server for development and not 90-days evaluation time?

Also, last tie II was here, I was told that the Cocpit part is going away.

However trying to rnn the 16.04 installer I still see it.

What happened? You decided to keep this portion?

Thank you.