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Jul 13 at 08:42 AM

BALDAT & BALHDR Reorg in Oracle Database


Dear Guru's,

We got a request to reorg tables BALDAT & BALHDR. What these 2 tables hold the data? it consist of Application log But what kind of Application log does both BALDAT and BALHDR consist of?

Which is better option to proceed:
1.Delete the entries of BALDAT and BALHDR and perform Reorg?
2.Directly Perform Reorg?

Is it Mandatory that I should delete and perform reorg for both tables or I can select any one of the table and proceed?

SAP System in SNC 7.0 running in Oracle Database 19C

I referred below SAP Notes for information:

2524124 - Application log Statistics

195157 - Application log: Deletion of logs

1616768 - BALDAT and BALHDR application log tables are very large

Kinly do the needful

Thanks & Regards,