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Jul 04 at 03:56 AM

MDK Create Entity Getting error "HTTP status from the back end is 412"



We had to develop an application in MDK which is connected to S4 on premise system via Cloud connector, this process working fine in the development system i.e. testing system.

But the same process has been done for the prd system which means we had to import the same project and upload in new space, create a new cloud connection which is connected to the S4 Production system. The connection is working fine as we are able to get data from S4 to MDK application via Cloud connector. But when the create entity operation is run below error is displayed and the create method is not triggered to the backend system.

Finished sending POST request to back end xxxxxxxxx/sap/opu/odata/sap/ZPRJ_NOTIFICATIONS_SRV/PPM_ORDERLISTSet in 198 ms. HTTP status from the back end is 412.