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Jul 01, 2022 at 02:32 AM

To check System Health Check job run by SolMan SMD Agent

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Recently we keep getting complaint from user that ECC PRD performance quite slow at night compared to morning. Between 10pm to 12pm daily is peak time for some users to settle their DAY END CLOSING.

As Abaper, i just check SM50, SM66 and SM37 for the background job. Nothing weird and no critical job run during that peak time. Most of the big jobs have been rescheduled to run after 1am. One thing I realize in SM04, there is additional user ID SMDAGENT_PRD. Based on google, there is a daily job run by SolMan (Solution Manager) to check for the system health. there is also database reorg job and other monitoring job run from SolMan to all the satellite systems. I suspect these kind of basis jobs have been run during this peak time in ECC and causing the slowness. We do not have problem during daytime, no one complaint on the performance.

Since we do not have basis, can somebody share and guide me the step on how to check this monitoring or basis job run from outside ECC system. I might need to reschedule the job. I cannot find the proper step in google. From ECC, I cannot detect this basis job in SM50, SM66 and SM37. but in SM04 i can see it shows as RFC and the id is SMDAGENT_PRD. my functional asked me to kill the user during that peak time and cancel or move all the job run by the user to after midnight. our aim is to help speed up the day end closing activity.