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Jun 30, 2022 at 11:19 AM

Run CO1P one by one


Hi experts,

we have a new production plant with a automated process for the confirmations.

All running smooth, but sometimes the postings run on error in CO1P. I know this is because of the BAPI usage, so I should schedule report CORUPROC as a job.

As we have a EWM behind, we manipulate a bit in the background for the inbound delivery to hace the created HU, so it's always a 1:1 for the 101 posting and the inbound delivery.

If runnning CO1P, it could be that there are more than one error, and then the posting would result in an inbound delivery with more than one position (or 2 confirmations are summed up) and the process will not run anymore.

So my question - is there a way to execute the entries one by one?