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May 18, 2006 at 03:18 AM

Electronic Account Statement - Automotic posting to clear open item


Hi all,

Apparently, I wish to do an automatic posting procedure to clear open item. Nevertheless, I still encounter problem to clear open item. Here are the steps on what I've done so far:-

1) First, I retrieve the text file (.txt) from bank in multicash format.

2) Upload the above text file into SAP via FF.5 as of Bank Statement Posting, in order to select the correct Account for open item clearance.

3) Access to SM35 to monitor the overall process of Automatic Posting. Select appropriate batch input and hit 'Process' button from Application Toolbar.

4) SM35 direct me to FB05 (SAPMF05A), which is "Post with Clearing:Header Data" screen. I could see the <b>'Clearing Text'</b> field is with parameter "C01?20145003 CHQ". I press "Enter" key to proceed, it directs me to "Post with Clearing: Add G/L account item" page, where I could see <b>'Assignment'</b> field filled with '145003' (which is the correct account I want to clear), and <b>'Text'</b> field piled up with "C01?20145003 CHQ".

5) I proceed again by pressing "Enter" key and reach "Post with Clearing: Enter selection criteria" screen. At the Batch Input Selection table, there is only one record, where <b>"Field"</b> piled with 'ZUONR', <b>"Lower limit"</b> with '0120145003', and <b>"Upper limit"</b> with empty field.

6) According to my FICO consultant, the Lower Limit should be indicated with Account to be cleared, which is 145003, not 0120145003.

7) However, based on the upload text at Step 1, I found there is a line with:


where C01 = Cheque (Check), 20 = Note to payee, 145003 = Account to be cleared.

I'm not quite sure why 0120145003 is appeared but not 145003, and, therefore, posting terminated at Step 6 with Warning message: 'No open items were found'.

I have looked into User Exit FEB00001 and FEB00004, but I'm not sure what has to done with those user exits. I would really appreciate if someone can help me out on this as this is quite urgent to me.

Thanks and cheers,


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