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Jul 06, 2022 at 06:14 PM

Identify Authentication Service - Establish Trust with IdP using OAuth2.0/OIDC


I have established an Identity Authentication Service tenant and have "connected" it to a BTP subaccount (i.e. - the tenant is present in "Trust Configuration"). I am now attempting to define an IdP as a "Corporate Identity Provider" that has an OIDC/OAuth2.0 interface, but my attempts have been unsuccessful . Note that the IdP does not provide a SAML interface. The IdP's OIDC "well-known/openid-configuration" interface is as follows...

"authorization_endpoint": "",
"id_token_signing_alg_values_supported": [
"issuer": "",
"jwks_uri": "",
"response_types_supported": [
"scopes_supported": [
"subject_types_supported": [
"token_endpoint": "",
"token_endpoint_auth_methods_supported": [
"userinfo_endpoint": ""


1) Given the above IdP OIDC/OAuth2.0 interface, is it possible to establish a trust relationship between SAP Identity Authentication Service and this IdP?
2) If so, can you please provide guidance on the (minimal) "Trust" configuration parameters (i.e.- "Subject Name Identifier", "Enriched Token Claims", etc.) that are required to establish the trust relationship?

Thank you.