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Jul 04, 2022 at 07:48 AM

SAM 2110: Synchronization issue /MERP/CL_PM_CONFIRMATION_OD


Hello expert SAM 2110,

I synchronize the app but when I check in /iwfnd/trace and sm66 and see that one of the process take more that 12 minutes after the first synchronization and in totally a need 20 minutes aproxi. just only when I edit one notification. The system is ECC and I already apply some sap notes: 3201075, 3148459, 3129466 etc...


Could you please give me any advance with the synchronization and the delta?

Could you please recommend modifying those parameters Data Distributtion Mode and Delta Object Key List Setup Mode for WorkOrder, Notification, Equip, Floc…?

How much time should take the app just if I edit one notification? For me this should be so fast and should be less that a minutes.

Thank you very much.


delta-synchro.jpg (140.0 kB)