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Jul 01, 2022 at 08:38 PM

Fiori CrossNavigation stays blank

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Hi all,

I have app A that wants to navigate to app B on Portal or Workzone when we click the link it creates the url correctly but stays white, no issue in console.


In app A the code is:

onPressNavContact: function (oEvent) { 
  var codContacto = oEvent
    function (oService) {
          target: { semanticObject: "contactos", action: "Display" },
          params: { codcontacto: codContacto },
        .then(function (sHref) {});
      // Place sHref somewhere in the DOM oService.toExternal({ target: { shellHash: hash } }); }); }); }

The App B has the inbound configuration in the manifest

"crossNavigation": {
  "inbounds": {
    "ns-contactos-inbound": {
      "signature": {
        "parameters": {},
        "additionalParameters": "allowed"
      "semanticObject": "contactos",
      "action": "Display",
      "title": "{{flpTitle}}",
      "subTitle": "{{flpSubtitle}}",
      "icon": "sap-icon://contacts"

What are we doing wrong, to have this behavior?

The App A is an CAP App with managed approuter, and App B, is a simple Fiori App, created with the SAP Fiori BAS template.

Thanks for the help!



NOTE: I tested with a different App C to B and it works!


image.png (44.2 kB)
image.png (44.2 kB)