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Jul 01 at 05:26 PM

Delayed GR in S4 Embedded?


Hi Expert,

I've designed POSC as 1.Unload 2.QI & 3.Putaway.

After confirming the 1st task GR gets posted automatically.

Is there possibility to post the GR after confirming the second task? i.e. After confirming products to quality area.

Reason: We want to generate the Quality Insp. Lot only when product available in QI area.

I created Quality storage type with 'work center as staging area' role. But still the movement I confirm the unloading task GR is getting posted automatically.

Do we have any standard configuration for this? Also in embedded EWM I'd check we can not control GR posting via PPF.

In embedded EWM - /SCWM/MSG_PRD_SEND only control msg transfer to S4, it does not control GR posting.

Please revert if this is possible in standard EWM.