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Jul 01, 2022 at 10:10 AM

PO avoid picking price from last PO or info record

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I know this topic have been discussed thousands of times, but I'm not able to find a solution.

We have a program that creates a PO using BAPI_PO_CREATE1.
Some times the PO is created with a wrong price.

Bapi is returning these messages:
06219 Net price for item & adopted from last document
06045 Net price for item 00010 taken from conditions

We don't want this behavior, we need the PO pick the price passed to the BAPI.

Info records are not used in this project or the users do not want them to be used, rather (althoung info records are being created because the standard behavior of SAP...)


I've tried deleting the info record, well marqued as deleted (we have not configurated the archiving...), and I also deleted the entries in tables EINE and EINA (I know I shoudnt do it, but is in QA system testing any possible solution...)

But is always picking the wrong price.

I've changed the price from the "last" PO created to other different price of the info record, and deleted the infor record (and tables) and its also taking the price from the info record... even I go to ME12 with the supplier, material and and it's saying that this info record doesnt exits... so from where is picking the price? I thing is from the conditions table of one of the last PO, although I've deleted EINE and EINA the konp table are related with ekko-knumv...

I've tried also other things, like the following although i think this is only for update the info records, not for picking the price from there...)

I've created a new value for buyers Z1 and leave in black the following fields:



And put in my user the EVO parameter with this Z1 value...

But nothing...

I've tried also passing field INFO_UPD in black in the BAPI.



If I go to the PO to the condition tab and use the button "Analysis" I can see the PB00 condition is being picked from an info record ! But which info record? I deleted the info record and tables eina and eine ! And the price doesn't mach with the price of the last PO. If I click in this info record I can see the price condition, but can not see from there the info record number...

Could you give a clue what I should do so the order is created with the price passed in the bapi?

Thanks in advance.


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