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Jun 30 at 08:35 AM

Rebuilding imported model results in error regarding [#NotInHierachies#]


Hi experts,

While working with a simple excel file as data for an imported model, I have come across a scenario where I am getting the following error:


The error above means the Account dimension no longer has any measures attached.

I can reproduce error by repeating the following steps:

1. Create new model with excel data as source.

2. Create a calculation in the "Calculations" workspace and save the model.

3. Press Rebuild Model in the "Model Structure" workspace.

4. Press Rebuild Model again once the data wrangler window appears and the above error appears.

Have I completely missed this as being a restriction on model design? I found the following note:, but did not find it fitting to this scenario.

Our tenant is on version 2022.8.14.

Best regards



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