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Jun 29, 2022 at 05:30 AM

Adobe notification


I asked this question on Adobe community and somebody suggested to come on the SAP forum for help.

I am using adobe through SAP to open up documents, each time it opens a document Adobe give me a notification that says 'this document is not checked in, do you want to check it in?' I have to select yes or no to proceed. Can you anyone tell me how I stop this notification pop up? The documents refreshes a couple of times when I am trying to action this so I have to constantly press yes or not.

I have tried to change settings within adobe about notifications and can't seem to get anywhere, could it be something in SAP? I am starting a new role at work so I don't have much experience in SAP and speaking to IT department well its been weeks with no resolution. It seems like a small issue but when paying invoices which is daily the document refreshes a couple of times in SAP so it happens frequently