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Jun 24, 2022 at 09:57 PM

MII Send Mail Action Block Attachment Filename – Additional “/” Added:


We are having issues related to using the standard MII E-Mail - Send Mail action block related to the attachment filename. We are attempting to distribute emails to a Box file sharing system email address so that the attachment may be automatically stored on Box. The issue we are seeing is that the resulting attachment filename is different than we are specifying in the Action Block Link properties and expressions. Specifically, a forward slash (“/”) is being added as the first character of the attachment filename causing Box to disregard/ignore the attachment. Another peculiarity is the remaining file name text is being forced to all lower case. The same email routed to a standard Outlook Exchange inbox features a filename consistent with the filename specified in the Action Block Link properties and expressions.

Has anyone else experienced and resolved this issue or have any ideas as to why this character is being added to the filename and how to eliminate it?