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Jun 24, 2022 at 02:28 PM

SAP BPC 10.0 Data Access Profile - Specified Dimension Member Access


Hi SAP community, I'm currently using BPC 10.0 and having trouble setting up Data Access Profile for a specified group of users:

1. I've set up a BPC Team and Task Profile for this User group "PILOT" and also a Data Access Profile. Users are all assigned to this PILOT team and the Task Profile, Data Access Profile are assigned to the User Team as well. (This way users are linked to Team, then other security accesses go with the BPC Team instead of single users. This works very well for other User Team in the system)

2. For their model access, I'd like to only giving them access to Cost Center #1 - #3 in the Consolidated Expense Model (as shown in the screenshot) for the Dimension member of COST_CENTER.

3. In this Data Access Profile, I also see there is a dimension called ENTITY, it is by default set as giving "Read and Write" access to "ALL Members".

4. After the access is set up, I have one user in this PILOT Team conduct a testing in the model: The user create a BPC report through EPM and selected Cost Center #1 - #100, Given Step 2, we were expecting the user could only see data for Cost Center #1 #2 and #3, but instead, he was able to see data for other cost centers...

I'm not sure why this happened as the Data Access Profile should be the only way to restrict assess to the Dimension members in a model (per my understanding & the SAP guide). Looking for help on how to make this happen to only give user access to certain dimension members (could be base level or hierarchy level). Thanks!