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Jun 23, 2022 at 05:16 PM

How to incorporate negative and positive driven sub goals against the main goal?


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Recently I have come up with a requirement as below:

Client is having a process where against the main goal they add 3-4 sub goals. Out of these sub goals, one sub-goal might be negative driven, one sub-goal might be positive driven and third sub-goal might be time bound. Also attaching the example below:


Currently we have configured MLT where I have created two MLT scales as "Positive Rating Scale" with a positive range and a "Negative Rating Scale" with a negative range. Based on the type of goal, client can choose the MLT scale, but here the concern is MLT scale is being selected on the basis of the main goal not at the sub-goal level. Is there any other workaround where the rating can get generated based on the sub-goal levels?

Feel free to provide your suggestions.




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