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Jun 23 at 09:24 AM

Unable Testing SAP GUI with SAP IRPA


Hello together,

I am trying to make an automation on the SAP GUI System, download some data, export them in excel, make some changes there and send them via email to a person. I have a problem with testing the SAP GUI. I have enabled scripting, I have changed the value in the RZ11 transaction to TRUE, have set all the dependencies and web browser extensions.

So when I started building the workflow, I started from the end, with the Excel and Email automation and I could test everything and it was fine. Working back forward, and building the SAP Easy Access automation I had problems to test. I click on it and i could wait for hours and wouldnt go on to see some results. And it doesnt show any errors so I could google or find a solution. Has anyone an idea what it could be?

When building the SAP Easy Access automation, when I capture the screen I can declare the screen only as an UIautomation and SAP GUI is not an option, whatever I would do with the filters. Could this be the problem?

Attached a screenshot of what I meanscreenshot-37.png

Many thanks in advance,



screenshot-37.png (318.0 kB)