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Jun 28, 2022 at 09:55 AM

ChaRM - Status shift after X days to approve change


Hello experts,

I am new here and after searching and trying for several hours, I hope that anyone here have a solution or a recommendation for my problem with the Solution Manager/ChaRM.

With our workflow for the change documents the requester/it-operator has to approve the import and change to its last status - the same with the change request after every change document has reached its final status. Because not everyone in the team approves their documents/requests there are many open documents after some time.

What I would like to implement is an action/condition that either sends an email after 14 days or rather change the status automatically after 30 days. My plan is to create an action like the automatic status shift after the import that checks if the last change on the document is > 30 days and the status is "imported into production".

However, even though there is a condition for "date of last change" I need a constant to check if the condition is fulfilled.


I know there is the customizing path to the Date Management where you can create a date profile for a specific transaction. I created a data rule based on another with 3 days, but I do not know if this is set-up correctly and more important I do not know how to use the date in the condition of the action, because the expression "%ZMMJ+30Tage%" doesn’t work - so I probably have to do more steps and miss something. If anyone have a suggestion or even better uses something like that, please let me know.


Best regards and thank you for every recommendation/ solution.


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