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Jun 24, 2022 at 06:38 AM

Transportation Chain/Dateline STO


Hello, maybe someone can help me with the following question.

I am implementing SAP S4 fashion for a customer and one of the requirements is to enable the transportation chain/datelines functionality. My problem is that I am not getting the Dateline tab in the case of stock transfer orders and It is indeed mentioned in SPRO help that datelines are not supported for STOs and while debugging the standard functionality I found that when the vendor has a suppling plant assigned then the whole dateline determination logic is skipped.

My doubt comes because it is indeed possible to create Internal transportation chains between DC and stores, so, I am not sure on what scenario this can be applicable when STOs are not supported. Does anyone here has experience with that? I raised an OSS message with that and still waiting for SAP feedback but maybe somebody here has come accross this situation and can give me a hand.

Thanks in advance.