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Jun 23 at 01:57 PM

Connection to tenant database fails for S/4HANA 2021 FPS01


I have a new appliance SAP S/4HANA 2021 FPS01 in SAP CAL. On my local Windows PC the connection from SAP Hana Studio to a tenant databasefails with this error: SAP DBTech JDBC: Cannot connect to jdbc:sap://vhcals4hci [Cannot connect to host /; socket timeout [null], -813.].

Connecting to the system database works and inside of the Windows Remote Desktop machine both kind of connections also work fine (after downgrading from JDK11 to JDK8, but that's another story....)

I've edited my local Windows host files according to the one on RDP: vhcalhdbdb.dummy.nodomain vhcalhdbdb vhcals4hcs.dummy.nodomain vhcals4hcs vhcals4hci.dummy.nodomain vhcals4hci # added by a service of the CAL Appliance Agent
with the 1st number the SAP S/4HANA 2021 FPS01 Externe IP-Adresse but I've omitted this line which I didn't understand: frontend.dummy.nodomain frontend # added by a service of the CAL Appliance Agent

In Hana Studio I used these connecting credentials
host name:
Instance number: 02
Tenant database: S4H
Password <My master pw>

In SAP CAL I added for the appliance these port ranges: 30200-30212 and 30216-30252 as Service "HTTP".
There was e.g. already the port range 30213-30215 as service "HANA DB". I've also tried with various different host names but without any luck.

I hope that someone can give me a hint how to solve this. Thanks in advance and regards,