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Jun 23, 2022 at 01:50 PM

Error in tax account determination




While releasing the invoice to accounting, getting error, "Error in account determination: table T030K key XXXX JOC OB".

XXXX - Chart of accounts,

JOC - account key we assign in pricing procedure against GST condition types. In this case, it is against CGST.

OB - tax code, IGST

Config done:

In pricing procedure, against GST condition types, i have assigned the account keys and for that account keys in OB40, i have mapped the GL against tax code. This is working for GST registered customer. For unregistered customer, i am getting the tax determination error (tax classification = not registered 1).

While checking the sale order conditions tab -> GST condition type selected -> condition detail -> I can see that the tax code that got populated is OC (CGST/SGST). But while releasing to accounting, the error thrown is , for JOC OB. In OB40, against JOC, OB won't be available as it is an IGST tax code.

Checked the condition record (VK13) of the GST condition types in sale order -> conditions tab ... the tax code assigned is OC.

I am not sure why the tax code is getting picked differently in sale order and in invoice. Kindly let me know if any step I need to check.