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Jun 29, 2022 at 07:52 PM

In Data services, how to make a real time job to transfer data from ODP extractor to apache KAFKA?



In my project, I want to use Data services to transfer data coming from ODP table extractor (CDC) to an apache Kafka system. I use data services to make some transformation and validation in between.

It also need to be in real time, so when there is a change in the ODP table, it mean the job must start and transfer it to KAFKA. Is it possible to do? I am not really familiar with real time and the message system required to start a data services real time job.

For Kafka, , I'm not sure how to make it the target. Do I need an adapter or is there an easier option?

I use the latest version of DS14.2


This is the DS process, I put the ODB objects in the enrich DF. when I test manually with SOAP UI, the job get executed. Is there a way to automatize this?


This is the result I want to send to Kafka.


Thank you


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