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Jun 29, 2022 at 05:01 PM

Me2o - how to see your current stock


Hello folks,

we often work with subcontracting via Me2o. Currently I'am able to see how much subcontracting material our supplier needs to purchase in Me2o. What's missing is an indicator how much subcontracting material I'am able to send/ is on stock atm. We just want to purchase an order, when the subcontracting material is on stock.

Is there any possibility to set an indicator like pictured below?


I know the option to do a stock owerview, but this needs much time to check for every material/line.

The transaction ABSUBCON is also known, but is mixing up subcontracting materials and non subcontracting materials in our system - so the output isn't trustworthy.

Every useful answer is apprechiated!

Best regards, Philip.


image.png (23.3 kB)