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Jun 27, 2022 at 11:11 PM

How to build custom logic (BADI) for WhatsApp Export Definition?


Hello Experts

I am doing the configuration process to be able to send campaigns to WhatsApp and SMS (The latter to a provider that is not Sinch or Amazon)

I understand for the case of WhatsApp that I must create a custom logic to send an export definition.

According to the documentation I could find:

But I have a doubt about which badi to use, I think the contact is correct: Marketing Campaign


There is a link in the help that invites me to go Export Definition, but it does not open or I do not have access.

I think this APP:


Although I have used it before, I wanted to confirm.

Regarding SMS, should I do these steps also when the integration is not with Sinch or Amazon?


Elio C


definicion-exp.jpg (21.7 kB)