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Jun 27, 2022 at 11:13 AM

Inquiry - Activate Alerts for Tablespace Used(%) on DB02 Space - Tablespace


Hi Team,

Good Day!

May we request for your advise and recommendation regarding on how to activate CCMS alerts for Tablespace, Used(%) column.

Just to have a background, we encountered a High incident here because our PSAPUNDO tablespace became full (ORA-30036). Aside from extending the undo tablespace, one of our preventive actions is to activate an alerting mechanism so that we would know immediately whether a tablespace will be used totally.

Now as per checking on RZ20 -> SAP CCMS Monitoring Templates -> Database, it only seemed to get the Total Used(%), not the Used(%) which is what we supposed to need.
In summary, we need to setup an alert that gets the Used(%) value.

With this, may we ask for your utmost recommendation regarding this matter f this is possible, or of there would be . If there would be questions kindly let us know.

Thanks and Regards

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