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Jun 27, 2022 at 10:58 AM

Production order basic dates



I am creating process order with idocs by calling BAPI BAPI_PROCORD_CREATE in back ground.
Basic start and end date is sent from a 3rd party system. but when the process order is created the end date is always 1 day short. For example if the end date is 07.07.2022 then it will show 06.07.2022 in order. I am using scheduling type only capacity requirement. In OPUZ I have deactivated automatics scheduling and adjust dates I am using option 2. But still issue not resolved.
If I create order manually with COR1 or calling the BAPI manually from SE37 then not facing the issue. Then dates are showing correct. I have debugged the IDOC program with ABAP resource, he said no problem in the program, it is happening once the final posting is done.

Any idea what can cause this?