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Jun 24, 2022 at 04:45 PM

SAP - IT Management Integration (non IT company)



Let's say we have an energy company that uses SAP for financial transactions, their IT dept is using a separate tool to manage IT related procurement transactions (ordering laptops, software etc) and tracking. In order to reflect those transactions directly on SAP there is an integration in place for PO and Receiving(ME21N/MIGO). Now once we received IT materials through PO on SAP , they are in stock, but as I mentioned its the energy company, they don't care about tracking those materials in SAP that is happening through the other IT software, and all they care is financial aspect. What would be the next step for these materials to represent consumption so they don't just sit in stock. (writing off agains cost center for example? are there other methods?) FYA all material is serialized.

Also how would be software be treated in SAP Procurement? for example we purchased Adobe through IT software, on SAP would it be treated just like any other Serialized Material and ordered through PO and stock returned just like some physical item?