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Jun 24, 2022 at 06:41 PM

Can you filter data with layout filters before it calls the database at transaction execution?


I've used a custom transaction that essentially is just a page of fields to query a data table.

When you execute it, it takes you to a nice spreadsheet layout, with a suite of options. I can apply filters/sorting and save them to the layout, and then specify that layout at the initial query screen the next time i execute it.

However, when i execute the query at the beggining with said new layout, it still requests a full record set of the initial query, processing it all, and then filtering. it seems incredibly inefficient and i want to suggest they look into seeing if the filters can be integrated with the first query to reduce the data call.

As the title states, can the filters saved in a layout be integrated into the initial query upon excecution to save calling excess data?