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Jun 23 at 01:52 AM

Problem Consum WebService Send Parameter type XS:DANY


I and Develop ABAP Program to Consum Webservice SOAP to stamp CFDI XML Mexico I created the Service Consumer from WSDL url and setting in SOAMANAGER

The Webserive has header and boy there is the Operation "Stamp" and it has a parameter "Document"


the type is ANY and SAP converted this Data type to XS:DANY


I generated the XML file type String and I Converted to XSTRING and pass to Document Parameter and execute the operation the WebService Provider return error in Data Validation, the same XML file was sended from Visual Studio and It pass the validation steep.

in SRT_UTIL I turn on the payload to see the reques structure made:


the tag n0:Document cut part of the XML String, I Think the correct Value is

<n0:document> "XML DATA" <n0:document>

I tried with Binary transformation but I have the same Error in Data Validation.

Any Idea please.



image.png (22.0 kB)
image.png (39.9 kB)
image.png (117.1 kB)