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Jun 29, 2022 at 07:00 PM

Material Master


Hi Experts.

I have a business requirement to add additional fields in the material master purchasing view.

I am a new FS Bee and don’t know my part of the responsibility. Please help me.

As a functional consultant what will be my responsibility in providing information to the ABAP consultant.

I listed down what I think as a functional consultant I should provide the following information in FS for ABAPer.

1: Create two fields in the MARC table using the Append structure.

2: Provide function group using Z namespace in "SPRO—logistic general-configuration material master—Create program for r customizing screen".

Here I am supposed to create a function group with Z namespace and provide it to the ABAPer.

ABAPer will complete the development and I have to add the same developed Z function group in “Define Structure of data Screens for Each Screen Sequence” –Screen Sequence—Data Screens—Subscreen.

Finally, do the testing.