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Jun 28, 2022 at 07:23 PM

Internal Order Asset Settlement and Master Data Mismatch


Hi All

We are facing issues related to Internal Order settlement . Cases are describe below:

Case - A

  • Asset Master (AS03) is showing an Investment/Internal Order Number in Origin Tab but Internal Order does not exist within KO03 anymore. However internal settlement has also been executed against Asset having the same Internal Order which does not exist any more and balance is also showing.

Case - B

  • Internal Order ( KO03 - 760007719 ) is showing Asset Number - A ( 760035256 ) assigned to it but no settlement has been executed for Asset - 760035256.
  • However another Asset B ( 760007649) also exist against which Internal Settlement has been executed and balance also exist. Settlement for Asset B ( 760007649) is showing Internal Order Number 760007719 although Asset B is not assigned to Internal Order Master - 760007719.

Due to above two Open Internal Orders having balances, we are not in position to close the period and we will not be in position to settle these orders/balance once period is closed.

Solution to resolve above two issues is needed. Any idea