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Jun 28, 2022 at 11:21 AM

Automatic storage location for outbound delivery without order reference



The automatic storage location determination is not working for the creation of an outbound delivery without order reference.

OVL2 and OVL3 has been setup and the material has the storage conditions in the material master.

I can see in the delivery the storage conditions and the shipping point.

But the plant is only in the picking tab of the outbound delivery. Is the automatic storage location supposed to be determined when filling in the plant on the picking tab? But when I fill in the plant there, it is not determining the storage location.

I can see that the program executes the function 'SD_STORAGE_LOCATION_DETERMINE' when I fill in the data on the 'item overview' tab but at this point the plant is empty, but after filling in the plant on the picking tab of the delivery, the program is not executing this function again...

What am I missing? Is the delivery supposed to determine the plant as well automatically?

Thank you