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Jun 27, 2022 at 01:26 PM

Using XDF form + Spool entry + Output request: Execution for PLAIN printer should call ABAP code


Hi experts,
I know these print topics (BC-XSF interface) are quite old but nevertheless still actual, if you use a external form painter and/or output management system.

As we like to leverage SAP printing infrastructure as much as possible (TSP01 entry for every printed object), we have this approach:

  1. we copy the original SAP smartform like /SCWM/HU_LABEL to ZHU_LABEL
  2. we remove all layout content, because we just need the interface
  3. change form output format to XSF
  4. define a plain dummy printer
  5. configure application to use ZHU_LABEL
  6. trigger printing in application
  7. a SP01 (TSP01) spool is created
  8. the output request to PLAIN dummy printer is created
  9. this output request execution should call custom ABAP code (BAdI, ...) that we can grep XDF from spool and pass actively to an external system.
  10. we did not find any BAdI,customizing,... where we can bring in our ABAP code for execution of output request
    (we have no middleware, no remote printer)

Does somebody has experience with that kind of approach ?

Best regards,