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May 17, 2006 at 04:29 PM

How to block lead selection change in a tree ?


Hi Guys,


I have MasterTree - DetailEditor pair. <i>MasterTree</i> is used to visit some tree-structured data and <i>DetailEditor</i> is used to edit currently selected tree node.


If currently selected node data is updated through <i>DetailEditor</i> and needs to be saved, than on a subsequent tree selection change the user should be warned about unsaved data.


In <b>onAction</b> event handler of <i>MasterTree</i> I check whether last selected node data is updated and needs to be saved and if this is the case rollback <i>treeSelection</i> to that node. On the time <b>onAction</b> event handler is called the tree selection is changed from the node that needs save to the newly selected node. In order to rollback <i>treeSelection</i> I need to introduce variable referencing last selected tree node.


Is there any other technique to implement above scenario without using additional variable and manually rollback <i>treeSelection</i> ? For example, to plug in WDP framework on validation step just before lead selection is changed.

Thanks in advance 😊