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Jun 22 at 01:06 AM

Initialize Reports intermittent

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  • Database: Oracle 19
  • Platform: .NET 4.7
  • Development: VS2022
  • Reporting: Crystal Reports SDK
  • Read: Troubleshooting the Error; Load Report Failed
  • Problem Description: At running the Error in Event log ( "strDB is unknown" is a symptom of the serverId session variable being lost. What caused the session to be lost is the big question.) is displayed after a random amount of time – sometimes 30 mins, sometimes 2 hours. After about 20-30 mins wait, report execution resumes.
  • Jun 20 – US Testing:
  • Tester 1 for 1.5-2 hours – no issues
  • Tester 2 for about 30 mins – no issues
  • Jun 21 – Offshore Testing (VM)
    • 3 Testers – issues after about 30 mins

    Detail data in event points to Line 17: rpt.Load(reportFile, OpenReportMethod.OpenReportByTempCopy);

    I'm suspecting that the Crystal SDK is encountering issues when loading the report. Whether another process has the file locked, or some other reason. There are 2 "OpenMethod" options. OpenReportByDefault or OpenReportByTempCopy. I was using the default load method. I changed to use the OpenReportByTempCopy. I suspect that this option will load the file as a copy and use it and by the nature of how it opens, it will use a copy of the report and not "lock" the main file. However the issue still occurs intermitantly.