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Jun 21, 2022 at 06:56 AM

Vertical Scrolling on Lumira Designer Crosstab does not scroll using mouse wheel


Hi all,

I'm using Lumira Designer 2.4. I have a crosstab with multiple dimensions, some dimensions have hierarchies. The scrollbar functionality works fine on the start up display using a mouse wheel, when I drill down a dimension to GL accounts, the inner scrollbar automatically appears(provided there's multiple GL accounts) to make it more easier to navigate through(up and down within the crosstab)and that's when the mouse wheel stop working properly, when I move the mouse wheel up and down ,instead of scrolling, it removes data, data keep disappearing as per the move I make with a mouse wheel. We did not have this problem before on the previous Lumira Designer version (2.3).

I have tested this in various browsers and the same still occur, I have also checked on the designer itself and all our scripts look fine, can anyone please assist why we encountering this problem.

Please help.

Many thanks.